You are capable of developing a successful digital funnel of advertisement for our products and services. Working with facebook ads, youtube, google, display ads, remarketing, creating video funnels and optimizing our website is no problem for you

Assess requirements to establish a presence in forums and as part of Amnesti.
Work across Amnestiunites to assess needs and establish desired priorities in social networking sites.
Foster long-term relationship with the social networking and Web 2.0 sites.
Identifies and defines new opportunities with IT team strategies.

Education and/or experience in social networking and Web 2.0
Ability to drive new thinking in terms of marketing models and opportunities.
Strong execution skills and ability to organize as well as lead virtual teams.
Strong external network in Internet/Social Networking space.
Ability to network effectively also a plus.
English speaking, writing
Working by yourself without any help of others

Who Are We?

Digital advertising is the single most effective lead and sales generation method. And it’s becoming only more essential for business owners to master if they want to keep up with the competition.

Is every business owner making tons of money advertising on Facebook? Receiving dozens of bookings and closing deals week after week?

Are you?

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